Forensic Accountancy Services

"Toppings provide reliable support throughout the claim – from disclosure to settlement."

Insurance Professional

Pragmatic, understandable support and advice

PI claims for loss of earnings can be complex and challenging, especially when they involve the self-employed, family businesses and pension losses.

To help you negotiate a better settlement, faster, Toppings can provide jargon-free advice and support at any stage of the claim process.

This might include:

  • Review of the claim / pleadings
  • Advice on evidence / disclosure
  • Alternative calculations, with ranges of possible loss
  • Formal reports for disclosure
  • Expert evidence

Take advantage of our specialist PI experience

Technical proficiency, thoroughness and accuracy are the basics of forensic accountancy, but experience makes the difference. Each of our experts has over 20 years of experience in PI claims and is able to see the bigger picture, give pragmatic settlement advice, present clear, concise reports and perform in Court.