Low Value & MoJ Claims

"Really happy with the responses, updates and successful conclusion of claims. I am always very confident when using Toppings and will continue to do so and recommend to others."

MoJ Insurance Professional

Cost effective assessment, negotiation and settlement

Each year, Toppings are instructed in several thousand low value claims for loss of profits by the self-employed, mostly resulting from personal injury and RTAs.  We are the only UK forensic accountants to provide a Low Value Claims service at this volume.

Dealing with low value profits claims on a cost-effective basis demands experience and a keen awareness of the commercial realities of each case.

Our Low Value experts carry out an independent assessment of recoverable loss, and by effectively reporting to both sides they facilitate the negotiation and settlement of claims.  This approach results in better settlements and frees up handlers time and energy to concentrate on other matters.

Better settlements on MoJ Claims

Our specialist MoJ team can help insurers to review Stage 2 claims, obtain necessary evidence, assess loss and suggest realistic counter offers – all within the tight operational timescales imposed by the MoJ process.

Dealing with complex, albeit low value, claims for loss of profits within MoJ timescales demands experience and operational efficiency. The ability to work at high efficiency becomes increasingly important as more claims fall within a 'Portal Process'.

Toppings' Low Value & MoJ Claims Services are based on fixed fees that are wholly unrelated to levels of settlement.