About Toppings

"In my opinion Toppings are excellent - I've referred claims to them and the response is always very good. They are very adept at providing solid information on which you can make offers and get great results."

Insurance Professional

Thinking beyond numbers

As specialists in personal injury claims, Toppings helps claims handlers and litigation lawyers to achieve realistic settlements, faster.

With over 35 years in PI, Toppings' experience and expertise is unrivalled. We have assisted, advised, reported and given evidence in every type of PI claim and every type of commercial, business, financial, trading and employment background.



Our experience and expertise enables us to think beyond numbers and give pragmatic settlement focussed advice and support at any stage of the claims/litigation process.

Toppings acts for all the leading UK litigation law firms and is on the panels of most UK insurers.

To learn how we can help with any aspect of a claim for loss of profits or earnings - please get in touch.

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