Michael Pollit - MAAT

Michael joined the accounting profession in 1980 and worked in general practice before joining Toppings (then Frenkel Topping) in 1988.

Michael has been involved in a wide range of PI claims for losses up to £250,000. He currently leads Toppings Low Value teams, handling several thousand claims annually, including MoJ claims. Over recent years, he has been responsible for literally tens of thousands of such claims. His experience in the area of low value PI claims is extensive and unrivalled.

"It takes commercial awareness, experience and efficiency to deal with low value claims on a fixed fee basis. Our fixed fees cover all necessary work from instruction to settlement, rather than just a calculation like some firms. The introduction of MoJ timescales was a real challenge, but we successfully streamlined our processes and MoJ claims now account for 30% of our low value instructions."